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Vladimir Putin tells Elton John he is ‘mistaken’ over Russian LGBT rights

The Russian president claims his country’s attitude “to the LGBT community is absolutely calm and unbiased”. Vladimir Putin has responded to criticism from Sir Elton John on the Russian leader’s… Read more

Ceasefire: US, China Trade Talks “Back On Track” After Trump Folds On Huawei

The “worst case” trade war scenario was avoided in Osaka on Saturday when Trump agreed to restart trade talks with Xi, holding off new tariffs on Chinese exports, and signaling… Read more


 By Jon Hellevig A municipality in Southern France called Gallargues-le-Montueux yesterday SUPPOSEDLY broke the all-time temperature record in France (for all months). But it turns out – as I expected… Read more

Putin: Immigrants Are Free to ‘Kill, Plunder and Rape’ with Impunity in Europe

Russian President has slammed European leaders for allowing immigrants to “kill, plunder and rape” with impunity. In an interview with the Financial Times just ahead of the G20 summit, the… Read more

Putin: Globalism Is The Enemy Of Humanity

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that liberalism has “outlived its purpose” and that multiculturalism is “no longer tenable”. In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin explained what had caused… Read more

Will US Elites Give Détente With Russia a Chance? By Prof. Stephen F. Cohen

The Trump-Putin meeting in Japan is crucial for both leaders—and for the world. Despite determined attempts in Washington to sabotage such a “summit,” as I reported previously, President Trump and… Read more

Putin says liberalism is finished

By Jon Hellevig Putin tells liberalism is finished. In an interview with the Financial Times, Putin told that “the liberal idea” had “outlived its purpose” and said that nationalism is… Read more

Kazakhstan ends bank bailouts, writes off people’s debts instead

Jon Hellevig: “Instead of bailing out banks and oligarchs, Kazakhstan will write off loans of the poor. This has been announced by new Kazakh president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. There’s an unexpected… Read more

Domestic enemies want to suck Trump into his Vietnam: Iranian war

By Prof. Vladimir Golstein Call me a cynic, but here is my cynical thought of a day. So about forty years ago, the Democrats and their intellectual leader, Brzezinski, wanted… Read more

My Musings on Georgia’s Anti-Russian antics by Prof. Vladimir Golstein

My Musings on Georgia’s Anti-Russian antics by Prof. Vladimir Golstein We know that politicians play their games and use their strategies, smokescreens, and spinning to get what they want. If… Read more

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