BuzzFeed And CNN Admit That Russian Collusion Doesn’t Exist

In a new clip, a Buzzfeed reporter tells CNN that he has not seen any evidence proving Trump colluded with Russia. Owen breaks down leftist insanity.


[Video] Infowars Full Show - Watch The Most Banned Broadcast In The World - Sept 14, 2018

Watch The Most Banned Broadcast In The World

Hurricane Florence’s Friday impact knocked out power to half a million homes and businesses while delivering a storm surge of at least 11ft in some areas. The “biblical” storm ripped apart buildings and sent pieces flying. The now Category 1 hurricane has already prompted harrowing rescues from brave workers and volunteers. Joining today’s show is Benghazi hero, Kris "Tanto" Paronto, revealing the hottest DC happenings and the latest geopolitical news.